Monday, April 16, 2012

Weighing In

I started boarding Coro in September of 2011.  While I've been riding for most of my life, studied equine science in college and even worked at two different barns, in many ways I was like a new horse owner - I'd never been solely responsible for their care and had a lot to learn.  The two horses had never needed anything beyond hay, although they got to be on pasture for part of the summer and my mom gave them a little bit of bran mixed with oats as a treat.  I will also guarantee that they were eating the best hay in the county.  Between the move, the new hay, and getting older, the horses did not come through their first winter with me very well.  Through research and some trial and error I started supplementing their feed regimen - Notchee (Coro's Arabian mare companion who was my mother's horse) actually had to be cut back last fall as she started to look like she was expecting a foal any day.  Coro now gets seven pounds of Triple Crown Senior and one pound of Envision in addition to the grass hay provided by my barn.  I was really pleased with how he was looking last year, and happy that even under the sometimes-deceiving winter coat layer he came through in great condition.  On Friday I had the vet out for spring shots and dental (Coro did not have his teeth floated as his heart murmur makes him a compromised candidate for sedation and as long as he is not losing weight we are trying to be conservative).  Dr. C put the weight tape on Coro and chuckled - he knew I had been working really hard to put weight on him.  "You're not going to believe this," he said with a grin.  By his estimation Coro has gained about eighty pounds in the past year!  It's nice to know I'm doing something right.

So, although Coro would like visitors to the barn to believe otherwise and is always begging through his window, he is in fact getting enough to eat.  

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