Monday, July 30, 2012

Clinic for a Cause

On Saturday I attended a benefit clinic at my trainer's barn in Peyton. All of the proceeds went to Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue . There were three sessions: patterns, equine massage and obstacles. A lot of people were working with young and/or rescue horses so most was in hand, but there were a few that rode. I got to work with one of the adoptable horses, a 6-year-old QH mare named Luna who was seized from a neglectful situation and was kept in a pen made of pallets. She was just perfect for everything, but I had an advantage in that she's been with my trainer for a month so had already done a lot of it. She made me look good. Utterly calm and willing, such a sweet girl. She walked through a kiddy pool, over a moving platform, past pool noodles hanging from trees, and amused everyone at the "Bobbing for Apples" station by trying to overturn the whole bucket - smart mare! She is not under saddle yet but is going to make someone a wonderful partner.  E. was sweet enough to go with me and take lots of pictures.

 Meeting Luna

This ramp wobbled, like a horse teeter-totter!

 How awesome is she?

Bobbing for apples...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Two Decades

Today is my twenty year anniversary with Coro.  He has been with me for nearly two-thirds of my life.  We were apart for much of that; I am so grateful that my mother took such good care of him for me all those years, and that I am able to do the same for Notchee now.

We have become reacquainted over the past two years at Lost Canyon, and as he did then, he has inspired and broadened my equine dreams,  allowed me to invite more possibility in mahogany and black.  New beginnings, new colors - but I will always be partial to pewter and platinum.

 Coro at 3 years old, 1992

Coro at 23 years old, 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bathed in Sunset

Last night Coro and I found ourselves in a shaft of rose and gold light coming through the arena door during a lovely bareback ride.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Introducing Dani!

Yesterday I brought home my new horse, Dandelion Wine (Dani). She is a five year old Half Andalusian with a good start and some basic dressage training. She got along instantly with my Arab mare, with whom she shares a birthday (just one day before Coro's) and settled right in to her new home. I spent the whole day at the barn just hanging out and getting all her stuff organized. An Independence Day to remember, for sure. Today we will do some ground work and maybe a short ride, tomorrow we have a dressage lesson! I already love her and am so excited for our future. Three is a good number.