Monday, July 30, 2012

Clinic for a Cause

On Saturday I attended a benefit clinic at my trainer's barn in Peyton. All of the proceeds went to Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue . There were three sessions: patterns, equine massage and obstacles. A lot of people were working with young and/or rescue horses so most was in hand, but there were a few that rode. I got to work with one of the adoptable horses, a 6-year-old QH mare named Luna who was seized from a neglectful situation and was kept in a pen made of pallets. She was just perfect for everything, but I had an advantage in that she's been with my trainer for a month so had already done a lot of it. She made me look good. Utterly calm and willing, such a sweet girl. She walked through a kiddy pool, over a moving platform, past pool noodles hanging from trees, and amused everyone at the "Bobbing for Apples" station by trying to overturn the whole bucket - smart mare! She is not under saddle yet but is going to make someone a wonderful partner.  E. was sweet enough to go with me and take lots of pictures.

 Meeting Luna

This ramp wobbled, like a horse teeter-totter!

 How awesome is she?

Bobbing for apples...


  1. What a sweetheart!
    Do you follow "Once Upon an Equine"? Becky fosters a horse for them.

    1. We met at the clinic, but I didn't know about her blog - cool!

  2. That is a very nice clinic experience to have. Way to support a good cause!

  3. That is so cool. She looks like a sweetheart. I hope she gets a great home :)

  4. Hi Lara! How fun to meet you on the blogosphere too. I remember talking to you at the clinic. Luna and SaraJane and a donkey pal were all rescued from the same neglectful situation. Glad you had fun with Luna. I'm looking forward to catching up on your blog.