Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Oh, so much to write about - it's overwhelming!  At some point this blog will need a redesign since it will now be chronicling more than just Coro.  I was thinking of "Hearts & Flowers" - maybe a little precious but since I have an El Corazon and a Dandelion Wine, it fits!

Notchee and Coro were moved to their new home on the prairie a few weeks ago.  It almost went through without a hitch.  They were champs about loading - both horses were on the trailer in under fifteen minutes.  Coro practically self loaded.  Unfortunately Notchee slipped on her last step with her right hind leg, came down on the edge of the trailer with the back of that leg, and ended up with a serious flap wound, chipped splint and scraped cannon bone. Thankfully there was no tendon/ligament involvement and the joint was just missed.  The vet was able to close it up well and her 9-day recheck on Monday was the best we could hope for. She has been the sweetest patient.  She should be able to have her stitches out next week and soon be enjoying her new pasture!  Coro initially put himself on stall rest also and would not leave Notchee's side, but he is spending more time in his run now and has been out in the pasture on a lead rope.  I think this weekend I will be opening his gate and seeing what he thinks of (relative) freedom.


Notchee and Coro in their new stalls

I had my first ride on The Boy in over a month and his first ride at the new place last weekend.  He was fantastic and seemed really happy to get his saddle and bridle on and do a little jaunty zooming around in the new outdoor arena.  It's on a little slope but the footing is very good - less packed and rocky than the old barn.  He was so cute with his arched neck and pricked ears, and I was delighted with his behavior.  I love him.

Quite possibly my favorite picture of Coro ever - doesn't he look nice in a red barn?

Coro sampling the pasture

Dani Girl is doing great.  I am riding her 3-4 times a week with bi-weekly or so lessons.  We are starting to really click and I am just constantly impressed with the work ethic and consistency this young mare has.  After every ride I am excited for the next.  This past week we've been focusing on sitting trot, maintaining connection, and staying balanced on my seat bones - I tend to sit heavily on my right.  Much, much more to work on as far as my position and aids but I am so lucky to have a horse who is forward and forgiving enough to allow me to figure this out on her back.  I love her. 

Dani after our lesson Friday

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