Monday, October 29, 2012

Bundling Up

It's hard to believe that winter is already at our heels again.  As a native Coloradoan I still haven't made peace with the season which seems to drag on for five or six months.  I am one of those people who is always cold and prefers the thermostat set higher than most.  I become a bit of a pansy about riding in the winter, but fleece breeches, Smartwool socks and winter Ariats do help to make the bite more bearable. Thank goodness that Dani's apartment is right alongside the lovely indoor arena and I'll hardly need to brave the elements to keep riding, but I do dread the darkened drives as the days grow short.

This past month was a bit of a wash as far as dressage progress goes, between soreness, sickness and travel.  I do feel that things are smoothing out, and after an upcoming week-long work-related trip in Colorado ski country, I'll have some nice stretches of time off with the Thanksgiving holiday and hope to get back on track with my mare.

Notchee and Coro have settled in to pasture life in a way that fills me with joy.  They enjoy being outside so much that they don't even come in for their grain every morning.  When I visited them this weekend I had to walk to the far corner of their pasture until they both came walking cheerfully toward me with a brief but friendly greeting before wandering off again toward important obligations of their newly rich equine social life.  It is nothing but sweetness for them and only the tiniest bit melancholy for me as they inhabit this true retirement phase.

Dani Moonstar has a new turnout pen and partner, an Arab mare named Spring Star who Dani appears to boss around mildly.  She seemed very happy to see me after a week apart and we had a very successful ground work/lunging session last night.  She is really super about her transitions on the lunge, and despite having more time off and a cool evening she was very calm and obedient.  I'd like to give her a chance to find her balance in the canter before working it much under saddle, and I want to introduce some cavaletti to change things up. 

All three are fuzzy, Dani's hind shoes have been pulled, Notchee and Coro are barefoot, and we are ready as can be.  Thinking of my friends and their horses on the east coast today...Sandy looks frightful.

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  1. I dread these long winters too, but after a brief taste of winter, we are enjoying beautiful weather.