Friday, January 11, 2013

Polka-Dot Day

It's always fun to drive up to the barn and see the Tall Bay greet me in one of her pretty "outfits". Today started out in polka-dots, but I left her in heavy floral since tomorrow's predicted high is all of 16 degrees.

We had a mini-lesson, more work on my crookedness, waist and knees, some leg yielding, "posting hula" (post three times left, three times center, three times right, repeat), and some elementary Spanish Walk: Dani is in the pawing-the-ground-on-cue stage.

The wind was whipping outside and rattling the arena doors as we rode, and my fingers were frozen by the time I left. It will probably be my only ride of the weekend - time to catch up on those Dressage Today articles!