Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Horses Everywhere

I had a couple of trial rides last week, and liked one mare enough for a second look - I'll be having a lesson on her tomorrow evening.  Exciting stuff, but of course I'm trying to be level-headed about it all.

I spent most of the weekend on and around horses, and couldn't have been happier, leading me to believe that I'm on the right path by expanding my equine life.

On Friday, in addition to a quick ride on Coro before his trim and my appointment to see aforementioned mare, I got to ride one of my favorite horses, a 17 year old Andalusian owned by a friend of mine. It had been several years but I know Lumina recognized me and we picked up as if we'd ridden the day before.  My friend has all kinds of obstacles set up in the arena: a bridge, a rope gate, a jousting target arm, a pedestal and ground poles. Lumina is just made of try and I had her going in a beautiful trot. We had a lot of fun playing with the obstacles and I grinned the entire time.  That mare has a heart of gold.

On Saturday I met up with a barnmate and her TB, Beau, for a trail ride. Beau and Coro get along really well and although Beau is eight inches taller, Coro speed-walked his way in the lead for the whole ride. Both boys were really good - it was wonderful to be out on a summer day.   Coro had energy to spare.  When we got back, my barnmate helped me bathe Coro - he is afraid of the hose but I managed to give him a pretty good sponge bath and shampoo his tail for his modeling debut. I gave Notchee a real bath - she danced around some but was generally good - and let her run around in the outdoor arena, though after she came charging up to me several times she decided she mostly just wanted to hang out with me by the fence. She is a funny horse.


Sunday afternoon it was back to my barn for my portrait shoot with Coro. I arrived early to do some touch-up grooming but he had stayed surprisingly clean. He really does love all the attention. I put gold glitter in his mane and tail and polished his coat to a silvery shine. My friend brought her son who was a big help with prop duty and horse-attention-getting. Coro was just a gem - so patient with everything and hamming it up. We did several different settings and two different outfits, and Coro tolerated (I would even say enjoyed) getting dressed up with a cowboy hat, a yellow scarf, and pink flowers (not all at once). After that we went into the arena and got some of me riding bareback. I can't wait to see them! 


  1. So good to see you happy :)

  2. I like the sound of gold glitter in the mane! Looking forward to the pictures and a report on the potential mare. :)

  3. I can't wait to hear about your lesson :)