Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why He Is The Best

I just entered Coro in a FB contest for Trail Blazer magazine asking for a few lines of why your senior trail horse is unique - my aunt saw and her entry is far better than mine, so sweet.

She wrote:

"I don't have an old trail horse, but my niece does. His name is Corazon. He deserves to win, because true to his name, he has captured her heart. His devotion to my niece has helped her through the death of her mother. His affection, that only a devoted old horse can give brings so much joy to her life. She rides her 24 year old Paso Fino on trails in Colorado, and her good old boy even tolerates dressage riding in the arena. He is a go to horse, but it was recently discovered that he has a heart murmur and she fears his trail riding days may be limited. I hope you choose El Corazon, Lara's love, for this heart horse has added joy to the life of the best person I know. Thank you. "


  1. So sweet. And I see on the side bar that you have owned Coro for nearly 20 years! That is truly remarkable.